Bassnectar Confirms Free Show In Celebration Of Trump’s Impeachment


It looks like Bassnectar is staying true to his word!

Last week, while the impeachment hearings for President Trump were approaching, Bassnectar brought up an old tweet from 2017, saying that he would play an impeachment party if congress voted.

Today, after congress has now officially impeached Trump, Bassnectar tweeted out that he plans on following through with this plan, via another enthusiastic tweet. Those who follow Bassnectar know that his voice and platform can be very politically charged, and we fully expect this to actually happen! Lorin is doubling down on his idea, creating an event that will rally the vote for 2020 and unofficially calling it VavaVote.

VIVA JUSTICE!!!! We’ll work with @HeadCountOrg and @BeInteractiveHQ to dream up a free-for-all celebration to rally the vote for 2020 – please let us know where you want this to go down! #VavaVote

OH and register to vote if you haven’t yet:

— Bassnectar (@bassnectar) December 19, 2019

We can’t wait to see how this one unfolds. Stay tuned for more info on this special event.