Bassnectar – Freestyle ft. Angel Haze + Freestyle EP: Must Hear Bass / Dubstep / Trap Collaboration


Bassnectar let's loose the full version of one of the hottest tracks he debuted in his recent "Freestyle Mixtape". It's the first sampling of the chaotic clashing of genres that is his upcoming Freestyle EP coming out October 16th. The track is also called "Freestyle" and features some guest vocals from Angel Haze. The song kicks off with a bass heavy blast of 808's and trap vibes letting some of Angels' verses out. Then building up to a drop filled with wobbles that keep going. This track lives up to the name "Freestyle" going on a journey through a variety of genres of sounds. Octopus? Mountains? Ocean? Perfect artwork to match the wild song. Comment below with what you think of Bassnectar's new track. Turn this up, enjoy!

Bassnectar – Freestyle ft. Angel Haze

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