Bassnectar Drops New Single “Was Will Be” ft. Mimi Page Ahead Of Reflective EP

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Last week Bassnectar announced his forthcoming EP Reflective and released the first two singles from the project “Underground” and “Horizon”. Today he’s gifted us with another single “Was Will Be” taken from Reflective which is slated to drop June 16th.

The latest single features vocalist Mimi Page who has worked with Bassnectar previously on tracks including “Breathless” featured on Freestyle and “Butterfly” featured on Vava Voom. Bassnectar and Mimi Page complement each other extremely well and “Was Will Be” is a prime example of their chemistry.

The track is in perfect Bassnectar fashion as it begins with a distorted synth and Mimi’s enchanting voice. It then starts to gain energy with one of Bassnectar’s signature hip-hop vocal samples accompanied by progressing drums. Finally, the drop is everything a Bassnectar fan could wish for as it somehow manages to be trippy and laidback but also heavy and in your face… something only Bassnectar could pull off. Enjoy!

Bassnectar – Was Will Be ft. Mimi Page