Bassnectar & Sayr Share Debut EP ‘Enchanted’ From Warm New Downtempo Project Naux Faux

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Most of us know that Bassnectar makes some of electronic music’s highest energy, most gut-punching and mind-blowing tracks. It’s one of the reasons he is who he is and how he’s earned one of the most die hard fan bases we’ve ever seen. Those who do closely follow Bassnectar also know that he has a love for the downtempo stuff as well. For the folks that like to take a break from the bangers, we have great news for you today. Bassnectar has officially released Enchanted his first Naux Faux EP, a joint downtempo project with frequent collaborator Sayr, and it’s sounding awesome. He previously shared a remix of "Psyopia" and we're excited to hear the 7-track project in full.

What’s great about this EP is how you can still clearly hear Bassnectar’s sound design, but in a way that you may not be entirely familiar with or accustomed to aside from his early works. This is a very accessible project that nearly anyone can enjoy, even if Bassnectar isn’t necessarily your cup of tea. Using Bassnectar’s own words to describe the new EP, it plays “like a warm beam of sunlight on a lazy afternoon, close your eyes and feel the sound wash over you.” Enjoy!

Naux Faux – Enchanted