Bassnectar Delivers Incredible New Spacey Single “Other Worlds” Ft. Dorfex Bos Off Upcoming EP

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Bassnectar is back with even more new music! Just earlier this week he delivers a heavy-hitting new track “Slather” alongside Digital Ethos and is at is again with another new track “Other Worlds” featuring Dorfex Bos

“Other Worlds” was inspired by a new collage from Sebastian Wahl , which we brought to life with the help of Black Lake Media. The collage shows portals emerge and unfold and evolve within and around a picture frame… a magical gateway, like the wardrobe in The Chronicles of Narnia.

On a sunny day in Brooklyn I sat down with Dorfex Bos to write a piece of music to go along with the visuals, and the ideas just came pouring out. We finished the song in 24 hours flat, with various instruments and sounds mapped to various details and dimensions of the various worlds within the collage. – Bassnectar

This new single joins his previous one as part of his upcoming EP, Reflective Part Two due December 1. Along with “Other Worlds,” Bassnectar has shared his full tracklist (below) for the upcoming EP which will feature G Jones and more. This new track is a chill display of Bassnectar’s production abilities and impeccable sound design. He blends gravelly, distorted tones atop arpeggiated 80s-themed synthesizers similar to what we hear in Stranger Things’ soundtrack. This new track is undoubtedly some other worldly sounding productions and it has us stoked to hear what’s coming up on the full EP. Enjoy!

Bassnectar – Other Worlds (Ft. Dorfex Bos)