Bassnectar Shares Dreamy Chilled Out Remix “Psyopia” + Announces Naux Faux Side Project With Sayr

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Bassnectar is no stranger to versatility, and these past few weeks are testament to just that. The artist’s two most recent releases, “Slather” and “Other Worlds,” delve deep into both sides of the masterful producer’s spectrum of sound, with “Slather” going heavy as ever and “Other Worlds” embracing a chill, emotional vibe. This past weekend Bassnectar shared a third release from his impending Reflective Pt. 2 EP (set to drop this Friday), a remix of Naux Faux’s “Psyopia.” 

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of Naux Faux yet – along with the release, Bassnectar announced this exciting new side project with Sayr, a producer some might recognize from collaborations like “Enter The Chamber” and “Breathing.”

As for the “Psyopia” remix, this release shows yet another downtempo side to Bassnectar. The delicate xylophone, dreamlike synth melodies, skittering percussion and overall trippy, mesmerizing mood of the track are reminiscent of oldschool, early 2000’s Nectar, and needless to say it’s sounding great. Check out the release below and enjoy!

Naux Faux – Psyopia (Bassnectar Remix)