Bassnectar Shares Heavy New Genre-Bending ‘Reflective (Part 4)’ EP

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With the many projects that Bassnectar has dropped over the years, possibly one of, if not the most anticipated has surely been his incredible Reflective EP’s. With the superstar producer always churning out wild new collabs and remixes via the series, today Bassnectar has impressed yet again with his latest installment, Reflective (Part 4).

While we were obviously excited to receive the first taste of this latest offering just last week with Bassnectar’s collab with PEEKABOO & Born I, it seems there was a lot more where that came from. As having teamed up with a ragtag team of incredible producers from all over, with this new seven-track offering dialing in a slew of wild, psychedelic sound design and heavy, destructive bass from all over the electronic music spectrum, bassheads are definitely in for a treat with this fresh release from the dubstep-don. Check out Bassnectar’s new Reflective (Part 4) below and enjoy!

Bassnectar – Reflective (Part 4)