Bassnectar Will Now Play Every Year At Electric Forest


Insomniac Events founder Pasquale Rotella dialed in Bassnectar to Night Owl Radio as the show's "Up All Night" guest for its latest episode (skip to the 38-minute mark). Rotella jumped right into discussion about Bassnectar's first-ever festival residency at Electric Forest, the multi-genre festival in Michigan.

Bassnectar says he considered the opportunity to be "really inspiring." “After last year, you [Rotella] asked if I would come in as an official resident, just to play each year, and I haven’t really done that officially for any festival yet, but I just kind of felt like there was nowhere else that felt like home for that."

Electric Forest has quickly become a bucket-lister for many music lovers, having sold out the past three years in record time. Bassnectar mentions that his decision to become a resident at the festival is "partly due to the people that attend, but also just the heart and soul that's put into that event." Fans of the bass headliner can hear four tracks off his forthcoming Unlimited EP here, along with several records from the project in the mix below.

The four-day spectacle, organized by Insomniac Events and Madison House Presents, takes place later this month from June 23-26.