Bassnectar Is Funding 2000 Fans One Month Of Therapy With New Mental Health Program

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Bassnectar is continuing his advocacy for mental health with a brand new program from his own nonprofit organization, Be Interactive. The initiative is called Interactive Support & Guidance Project, and it asks fans to enroll into a drawing to receive four free sessions (or one month) of therapy. 

In a video that announces the project, the narrator states they want to “encourage a future where therapy is as normal as exercise.”

There was originally set to be 1000 selected fans that will receive these free sessions, but with such an overwhelming response after its launch, Bassnectar has double-downed on the program and is now going to offer up to 2000 months. The program will be funded by proceeds from Bass Center XII (which took place over Labor Day weekend) and his FreakStyle shows on November 1 and 2.

If you would like to sign up and take advantage of this new program from Be Interactive, follow this link here.