Bassnectar’s Nonprofit Launches Free Climate Change Course For High School Students


Bassnectar never fails to give back. He just recently launched a new program sponsoring 2000 fans for a free month of therapy. However, he didn’t stop there. Now he’s launched a new climate change course as part of #ClimateStrike to educate high school science students.

According to the press release, “The course’s designer, Malanka Riaboken of Guerilla Science, applied for a $10,000 grant from Be Interactive in April. With experience as an instructional designer for the University of Arizona and others, Malanka had heard a story on NPR that detailed the struggle of teachers to vet and organize the resources needed to teach their students about climate change. Inspired by Be Interactive’s call for environmental grant applications, she applied and was accepted, spending her summer creating the course.”

The free course gives teachers the tools they need including prepared power points and a 100+ page guide to guide them through various lessons. Bassnectar’s Be Interactive non-profit collects $1 for each ticket sold to fund various fan projects including charity and community improvement initiatives. It’s amazing to see an artist with a platform this big to fund various projects to improve the community.

We’re trying something new here,” Lia Holland, Executive Director of Be Interactive said. “In the ever-evolving Bassnectar experiment, we’re working to amplify creative and civic-minded fans. Could Bassnectar teach a course on Climate Change? No, but Malanka can, and we’re using the power of the music to enable and lift up her awesome work.