Kaytranda’s Classic Remix Of Teedra Moses’s “Be Your Girl” Receives Official Release


One of the tracks that first turned us onto Kaytranada was his remix of Teedra Moses’s “Be Your Girl.” At the time, this brand new blend of R&B and house had listeners falling head over heels for the Montreal-based producer. It’s been over five years since then, but soulful remix is finally getting official release onto streaming services Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. 

Perhaps back in 2013, most listeners were either listening to the track on SoundCloud downloading it for free. Today, however, with most people utilizing streaming services to listen to their music, it makes sense why Kaytranada would seek to get an official release. Hopefully now Kaytra will rake in a few pennies off these streams, considering the original SoundCloud upload has over 8 million plays.

Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Remix)

We’re stoked to finally have this remix available for streaming, and so are plenty of his fans. Just check out these tweets:

Be Your Girl Kaytranada Edition, now FINALLY available for streaming in the US. It will FINALLY be available worldwide on Friday. 💋https://t.co/nIn0EE0O42


Wait what?? But.. this is legendary. It’s actually tested time to become legendary status.

— Joey Green (@JebaLDN) May 2, 2018

My god finally !

— Vicki D (@vicki_dee) May 2, 2018


— lil filipino gumdrop (@DjKingMarie) May 2, 2018

😭 I’ve waited a lifetime

— Django Jane (@ImaniJ92) May 2, 2018

Yoooo this was one of the firsts that got me into Kaytra's music. And the nostalgic feeling I have with this song. I freaking love it ❤ thank you!!!

— Michelle. (@whatthemeesh) May 2, 2018