Beats In The Bank Bring Out Jazzy Chill-Hop Vibes On “Monday Jam”


Looking for some new chill jams to study too? We’ve got exactly what you need, courtesy of “Monday Jam” by Beats In The Bank. These producers from Norway are constantly cheffing up jazzy hip-hop tunes, and this instrumental track is no different. It came out April 30, and is a perfect background beat for a relaxing day. 

While this little ditty may be a lo-fi song, the vibes are high all the way through. It’s got easy-going riffs from guitarist Jack Gillen, and a soulful, jazzed up chill-hop rhythm created by drums and piano. There is a suave, funky feeling floating throughout, making it a fitting music choice for studying or getting work done. 

Listen to “Monday Jam” below. Enjoy!

Beats In The Bank – Monday Jam