Beau Zwart Melds UK Garage With Twinkling Synth On “For MXM”

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If you’re looking for a new song to add to your late night playlist, look no farther than the latest single by Dutch producer Beau Zwart. Created after a night of dancing on the couch with his girlfriend, “For MXM” is the type of track that could simultaneously belong in a lounge setting or a late night hang with friends; either way, it feels sleek and cool.

A classically trained pianist, Zwart’s musical talent and composition takes center stage on this track. Zwart gives us pulsing, dance-infused rhythms served over more experimental analog inflections. Full of swirling synths and cascading key strokes, “For MXM” gradually builds to a crescendo before a laid back, minimalistic bridge closes out the track.

“For MXM” is the leading single off Zwart’s upcoming EP Evolove. We’re stoked for the project’s release, but until then you check out this track using the link below. Enjoy!

Beau Zwart – For MXM