PREMIERE | Kidswaste’s Side Project Beauvois Impresses On Energetic Genre-Blending Song “Escape”


Beauvois is back! Many of you are likely familiar with Kidswaste, who has been a staple on the site for some time now. The talented French artist Quentin Beauvois has expanded his repertoire with a new project under his own last name and keeps things fresh with his genre-blending new single “Escape” we’re happy to be premiering today. 

‘Escape’ is about someone running away from a toxic relationship they can't get out of, because there is always a need to go back to it. One of the ways to mask all of this is by getting away from what is ordinary, "escaping the day". – Beauvois 

We recently had the pleasure of premiering his single “Jupiter” and he does not disappoint on this new one. The 21-year-old finds an energetic sound blending guitar, dance-friendly production and catchy vocals we can’t get enough of. This project gives Beauvois an outlet to deliver his raw, unfiltered music without having to worry if it’s “on brand” with his Kidswaste project and shows off his various sounds in the best way possible. Enjoy!

Beauvois – Escape