Ben Böhmer Releases Deep New Single From Cercle Set, “Beyond Beliefs”

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After participating in one of the most legendary Cercle sets yet, German producer Ben Böhmer has released the track he opened the set with. Released via the Anjunadeep, “Beyond Beliefs” is a deep house dream.

Alternating between euphoric and somber, it’s easy to picture Böhmer selecting this track while up in the clouds on a hot air balloon. This song is shot through with glimmering synths, and each iteration of the verse adds a pleasant new effect. Introspective and melodic, this song is the perfect chill track.

Böhmer provided an explanation for the conflicting emotions of the song on his Instagram:

This title symbolizes pure hope to me. I tried to counter the melancholic vibe carried through the song with glimpses of positive, shimmering elements. When your life plans collapse, hope is a great thing to hold on to. This track is my expression of the belief that one day everything will be ok.

“Beyond Beliefs” is a teaser for Böhmer’s upcoming album Begin Again, due out in September. Based on this track alone, it’s gonna one we can’t miss. You can check out this track using the link below, enjoy!

Ben Böhmer – Beyond Beliefs