Ben Darwish Drops Hazy Debut Single “Sleepwalkin'” to Start Solo Career


Ben Darwish is preparing to put out his debut project next year, but he’s no stranger to the music industry. A coveted jazz musician that started young, he is a producer that has worked with the likes of Mike Posner and BANKS. Now it’s his turn to take the lead, and the artist just released the first song from his new album, “Sleepwalkin’.”

The track is a mellow indie-pop number, with a dreamy atmospheric production that makes you feel as if you could take flight. As Darwish’s high-pitched voice is introduced over the melody, it is an especially sweet surprise. He hits bittersweet notes, singing about the struggle of staying present in your life. It goes along with the story of his album, which is about how people are so caught up in what others are doing. 

Press play below to listen to “Sleepwalkin’”. Enjoy!

Ben Darwish – Sleepwalkin’