Benny Bridges Shares Funky, Psychedelic New Track “Lucky Penny”


Benny Bridges is name you should start becoming more familiar with. You may have heard of him as 1/3 of Justin Jay’s live band, Fantastic Voyage, but he’s now beginning to rollout his new albumĀ The Duck Tape, and today we have the lead single to share with you, “Lucky Penny.

This ones come off of the Fantastic Voyage sub-label, Fantastic Tapes, a space that’s a few degrees away from pure electronic music. This is where artists like Benny, as well as fellow Justin Jay friend and artist Josh Taylor have been thriving. We’re loving the groovy sound coming from this label, and Benny Bridges fits right in with this new track.

Check out Benny’s brand new single, “Lucky Penny” below and enjoy!

Benny Bridges – Lucky Penny