Beshken Offers One-Of-A-Kind Indie Electronic Sound with New Single “Social Suicide”

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LA-bred, NY-based Beshken is an indie electronica producer and instrumentalist who makes expansive soundscapes. His sophomore album Pantomime is due out next month, today we’re excited to share with you the first piece of the pie. “Social Suicide” is one of the record’s eleven tracks, and is paired with a trippy music video from Venezuelan visual artist Pedro Bello.

This song takes you for a wild ride that traverses multiple genres. The intro has vibrant chords and a frenzied tempo that is reminiscent of a drum and bass song. But as the chorus sweeps in, the dusty vocals wash over you like waves, and it pivots to more of a psychedelic chill/indie rock sort of vibe. All in all, it’s a vaporous and sonorous single that has you engaged the whole way through. 

You can listen to the track and watch the video below. Enjoy!

Beshken – Social Suicide

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