Big Gigantic Announces Partnership With Ableton And Native Instruments To Raise Money For Denver’s Youth


In addition to being some of the most seasoned creators in the electronic industry and longtime TSIS favorites, producer/live performance duo Big Gigantic has always given back to communities across the nation in big ways.  

Shortly after their fifth studio album, Brighter Future, dropped last fall, the two announced A Big Gigantic Difference Foundation (ABGDF), an extension of “A Big Gigantic Difference” that initially began giving back to communities over the past few years. The foundation took this movement forward by turning it into a nonprofit.

The Brighter Future tour subsequently raised over $20,000 for different nonprofits and other initiatives around the country in 2016. They continued this momentum in December of last year with “A Brighter Future Holiday,” a Denver performance that encouraged fans to donate coats/toys and donated some of the proceeds to ABGDF.

This week Big Gigantic announced their most recent initiative to give back through ABGDF: an exciting new partnership with Ableton and Native Instruments with the goal of raising over $50,000 for Youth on Record (YOR) by the end of 2017.

"Using the platform we have to raise awareness of issues in our community has always been important to us. We wanted to choose one larger project to raise funds for. Music and art programs are disappearing from Colorado schools, which means many kids are left without a creative outlet in school. That is something deeply saddening to us. With the help of our ABGDF team, we found Youth on Record, a nonprofit in Denver that provides music classes of all types for Colorado students who don't have access to music at their school. A permanent computer lab at Youth on Record will be an invaluable tool for Colorado's future young music makers; we're proud to team up with our fans to make it a reality." – Big Gigantic

YOR is a Denver-based organization that provides music-based education and equipment for Denver’s at-risk youth. According to a press release, the $50,000 will be used to complete the YOR computer lab, which provides essential tools for students to learn about music production and more. Both Ableton and Native Instruments will be donating software and other equipment to complete the lab, including discounted licenses and Komplete Audio 6 interfaces.

We can't wait to see what Big Gigantic is able to accomplish for Denver's youth this year. As of today, ABGDF has raised over $20,000, but still has a ways to go to hit their $50,000 goal. If you’re looking to give back and would like to donate, you can do that here.