Big Gigantic Return With Refreshing New Song “You’re The One” Ft. Nevve

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Big Gigantic are back with their first solo single in three years! The TSIS favorite, Colorado-based duo have recently put out collaborations like “Better Believe It” with Gramatik and “Like That” with NGHTMRE. However, it’s been since their incredible 2016 album Brighter Future that we’ve heard an official new solo song from from Dom and Jeremy. This time around they shine on “You’re The One” featuring the dreamy vocals from Nevve.

This comes shortly after launching a mysterious new campaign signaling a “new phase” from the duo. The cryptic videos they’ve been  have touched on themes of growth, inspiration and togetherness while asking fans to “join us for this ride.”

We’re so excited to start this next phase of Big Gigantic. We’re starting the process of looking directly inward with our song ‘You’re The One’. The theme of the song is loving yourself, which in this day is something we could all do more of. We put so much pressure on ourselves to succeed, do the best we can, be the best we can & keep up with others around us. That pressure can easily turn from something positive and motivating, into something negative and uninspiring. It can lead to some dark places so it’s important to take a step back and remember to take time to love yourself.” – Big Gigantic

This new song fits right in with the recent content we’ve seen from Big G. The vibrant instrumental highlights uplifting Sax melodies and undeniable production while Nevve’s vocals focus on self love in the best way. This new single comes ahead of the exciting news that they’ll be bringing their beloved Rowdytown shows outside of Red Rocks for the first time with debut of Rowdytown New York. Both Rowdytown locations will bring their insane 3D show with the NYC edition taking place on Aug. 23 and Red Rocks on Sep. 27 & 28.

We’re hoping this means more new music is on the way, but for now we’ll have “You’re The One” on repeat for the foreseeable future. This new track is out now via Counter Records. Enjoy!

Big Gigantic – You’re The One (Ft. Nevve) | Stream / Download