Big Gigantic & Smoakland Stomp Out Some Wicked Dubstep On New EP ‘Always Wanna Talk’

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What better way to kick off the weekend than by kicking in the door with some concussive dubstep. A titanic collab between Big Gigantic and Smoakland drops a wild one-two punch in the form of their new EP, Always Wanna Talk, out now via Deadbeats.

Round one is title track, “Always Wanna Talk,” a track packed with so much attitude it leaves no room to question who holds the real power. Whether you’re ready or not for round two, “DISCO FEVER” steps into the ring next to drop a technicolor bomb of pixelated synths and bass that will spin every head within a one-mile radius.

Be careful where you play these tracks this weekend, you just might turn your home, car, party, etc into a mosh pit. Stream Big Gigantic and Smoakland’s new EP, Always Wanna Talk, below. Enjoy!

Big Gigantic x Smoakland – Always Wanna Talk

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