Big Wild Transcends Genres With New 12-Track Debut Album ‘Superdream’ + Interview

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Big Wild keeps leveling up. He’s always been one of those artists who keeps getting better and better with each release, and after years of especially consistent singles and EPs, he’s finally ready to put forth a full length album. Today, Big Wild presents his debut album called Superdream, and it’s everything we could have wanted from him and more.

We’ve been following Big Wild over the past few years and love him for his fun, tropical, sometimes euphoric tracks with just enough bass to really make it count. On Superdream, he’s taken that sound to the next level, turning it into a unique type of experimental pop that anyone could enjoy.

We already have been thoroughly enjoying the four amazing singles during the rollout of Superdream, and today we get eight additional never before heard tracks. Big Wild really gave us everything he had here, he even had the confidence to do his own vocals on nearly every single track and sounded right at home.

If you’ve never given Big Wild a shot, we definitely recommend Superdream as the perfect place to start. Stream the highly anticipated debut album from the TSIS favorite below and enjoy!

Big Wild – Superdream

Congrats on releasing your debut album, how does it feel to get this project out there?

Thank you, it feels great! Definitely some anxiety and doubt but now that it’s out I feel more relieved than anything.

What does ‘Superdream’ mean to you?

‘Superdream’ is a reflection of myself. It’s my first time going deep into vocals and songwriting. It’s my attempt to tell more of my story and share who I am.

What led you to exploring your own vocals in your music more and what was that journey like for you?

I was consistently hitting a creative block by making strictly instrumental music. I was consistently getting this feeling of needing to express myself in a different way. Singing seemed to be the best way for me to move forward and once I dove into it, the more I got into singing, the more focus and direction I felt my music gaining. My music was becoming more “me”.

Did you approach this album differently than your previous works?

Absolutely. I’ve never made so many songs haha. It was the most difficult project I’ve ever worked on. I wanted to approach it like I did with my EP though, and have each song stand on its own. A lot of albums can have songs that seem like filler or filling a quota. I wanted to avoid that because I feel like it’s cheating the listener. At the same time, I wanted the entire project to feel cohesive so tying everything together from song to song was quite the challenge.

Is there a particular song on the project you enjoyed making the most?

Every song was really fun in the beginning and then the final 5% becomes so tedious that I don’t even know if I like the song anymore. It’s not until I can take a break from a song that I learn to appreciate it again. “Mopsy’s Interlude” was one song I enjoyed from start to finish. Knowing it was just going to be an interlude, I didn’t set many expectations for it so that made it extremely fun.

How much of a reflection of this new project is a reflection of your own experiences? Of yourself?

Every song on the project is based off personal experiences and feelings. This allowed me to create something that was a genuine representation of myself which was really important to me. Some songs like “Purple Sand” and “Maker” are based on periods of my life whereas “Alley-Oop” and “No Words” are based on raw emotions that are, in my opinion, deeply human. Sharing more of who I am with this album was surprisingly cathartic.

Any specific influences or inspirations affecting you on this release?

Sonically I was really influenced by artists outside of electronic music. Psychedelic, pop, indie, etc. I’ve always been intrigued by how electronic music can really morph and hybridize with other genres. I’ve also been really into great vocalists. Freddie Mercury, Stevie Nicks, Dave Bayley, etc. Anyone who has their own unique sound.

Where do you see your music going from here?

I feel so inspired by the direction I went with this album still. I imagine evolving the sound of ‘Superdream’ and developing it more. Coming up with creative uses for my vocals. But who knows…