Big Wild Shares Refreshing New 5-Track ‘Invincible’ EP


Big Wild’s debut EP Invincible is here! The five-track project was released via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective and we got a chance to speak with him about the release below. 

The project includes past singles "Invincible", "I Just Wanna" and "Empty Room" featuring Yuna, which we premiered earlier this week. Big Wild captures an uplifting vibe throughout the project with catchy melodies, lush sound design, and infectious percussive elements. We’ve been looking forward to this release and are excited the full project is here. Check out our interview below and enjoy! 

Big Wild – Invincible EP | Purchase

What instruments did you play prior to producing?

I played trumpet, but it wasn't until I started producing and writing songs that I really connected with music.

How did your relationship with ODESZA and their Foreign Family Collective start?

They initially heard my music on SoundCloud and from there they asked me to do an official remix for Say My Name. I opened up for them for three shows in California and then they asked me to go on tour with them early the next year. During that tour, ODESZA was just starting FFC and I showed them Aftergold as a potential single to release. It was a big break for me.

Has your relationship with ODESZA helped shape you as an artist?

ODESZA has definitely given me good advice and support on how to represent myself as an artist. That's super important and they have a great eye for that.

Your music seems to capture a unique sound with percussion elements that are non-traditional. Where do you find inspiration to explore and experiment with your sound?

It really comes down to listening to all different types of music, having an open ear, and stepping outside your comfort zone. This allows you to make connections between styles and sounds that you wouldn't otherwise have made.

What is the story and meaning behind your “Invincible” EP?

Invincible EP is a culmination of many things. I wanted to begin working more closely with vocalists and put my own ideas for vocal melodies and lyrics to the test. I really wanted to get more involved with songwriting. Having a generally positive and uplifting theme throughout the project was important to me as well. The Invincible EP is an important artistic step for me and putting it together was a huge learning process.

Is there a particular song on the EP that you enjoying making the most?

Crickets might have been my favorite to create simply because it was the quickest. All of the songs on this project except for that one went through a ton of renditions for months but Crickets was very straight forward. I love it when things click quickly.

Can you tell us a bit about your live setup and how it came together?

My live setup consists of a hybrid drumset, a cajon, a MIDI controller, a keyboard and me whistling. It came together because I wanted to have live elements while also keeping things electronic and dance focused. Combining elements of performance with production is what I focused on to create my setup. I also have a few surprises for the Invincible tour this spring 😉

What’s been the most exciting thing about your Big Wild project so far and what’s coming next?

This EP is the most exciting thing so far for me. It's a big milestone and I'm so stoked to put this music out. I also have plans to keep the music coming throughout the year. The Invincible Tour is next and that's something I've put a lot of time and effort into. It's definitely a step up from the last tour.