Big Wild Announces Debut Album ‘Superdream’ + Drops 2 Must Hear Singles “Joypunks” & “Maker”


It’s been a minute since we got a new song from Jackson Stell, aka Big Wild, but today we not only have one… he’s unleashed TWO new songs on us along with some exciting news. On top of the new music, Big Wild has delivered the news that his 12-track debut album is titled Superdream and is due Feb. 1 via Counter Records. See the tracklist and artwork for the album below.

Yesterday the TSIS favorite teased something coming saying “A new chapter starts tomorrow.” The two song release comes with “Joypunks” and “Maker” showing off the dreamy sound we’ve come to love from Big Wild over the years, but there’s something new about it. On “Maker” we hear Stell’s full development into a singer / songwriter in addition to his productions as he sings throughout the full song.

“Superdream is something I needed to do – albeit the most difficult project I’ve pursued. It felt like all the creative roads I had taken in music led me to deciding I want to sing and write. This decision gave me the voice and musical identity I had been searching for all along. It marks a new chapter in my music, one that is more ‘me’ than anything else I’ve released. I’ve realized that might have been my goal all along.” – Big Wild

The uplifting, funky sound on these two new songs is a direct contrast to the dark, abrasive side we heard from him on “Ascension,” which is Big Wild’s only other new release so far this year. “Joypunks” bring some infectious vocal chops, thundering drums, sliding guitar licks and an dance-friendly beat that will surely get you moving. The second song “Maker” is where we see Stell dive into this new chapter for the project as he’s grown to entirely create each part of the song from the production to the songwriting to the vocals.

The album features more of Stell's own vocals and includes features from iDA HAWK and Rationale. See the full tracklist below and enjoy!

Big Wild – Joypunks / Maker

Superdream Tracklist:
1. City of Sound
2. Joypunks
3. 6’s to 9’s (feat. Rationale)
4. No Words
5. Alley-Oop (feat. iDA HAWK)
6. Pale Blue Dot
7. Maker
8. Mopsy’s Interlude
9. Purple Sand (My Home)
10. She Makes Magic
11. Heaven
12. Awaken

big wild superdream