Big Wild Continues Album Rollout with Psychedelic Track “OMGarden”


One of our favorite eclectic electronic artists of the moment, Big Wild, is gearing up for his next album. With each successive release, we’ve seen Big Wild embrace live instrumentation and deepen his skill as a singer-songwriter. His latest release, “OMGarden” is no exception, highlighting the artist’s gorgeous falsettos.

“OMGarden” opens with acoustic guitar strumming that gives way to fantastical power chords. Big Wild’s airy voice soon joins the fray, to which he adds a psychedelic glitch. While this track could be considered an alt-indie pop song, he keeps enough of his signature electronic synth effects to keep things feeling fresh and lighthearted, blurring the lines of the genre in a way only he can.

The lyrics of the song are an ode to your inner child (and/or possibly about coming up on drugs too). The release is accompanied by a magical animated music video that follows Big Wild’s pet bunny as he meets a magical glowing slug.

If you need a particularly cute dose of happiness today, make sure to check out “OMGarden” below. Enjoy!

Big Wild – OMGarden