Billy Hammer Switches Up His Sound with House Track “Palm Of Your Hand”


We are always here for it when an artist branches out into a new genre, which is why we have our eyes on Billy Hammer. The California musician spent quarantine pumping out some lo-fi tracks, but now he’s shaking it up and has ended up settling on a delightful, dynamic, new sound. “Palm Of Your Hand” came out last week, and it is a soulful, upbeat, house bop. 

Hammer is a producer and multi-instrumentalist with massive amounts of talent. For this song, he turns the energy up a few notches, adds his own vocal touch, and finishes it off with some fancy guitar and synth work. It’s a bouncy and lively track that has indie undercurrents and an experimental and deep breakdown. “Palm Of Your Hand” is something that is sure to smash on dancefloors the summer.

You can listen to the song below. Enjoy!

Billy Hammer – Palm Of Your Hand