bitbird Calls on Their Community for Diverse ‘create together vol. 4’ Compilation

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San Holo and Thorwald van den Akker founded bitbird in 2014 with one goal in mind – to “create forever.” This mission is embodied by the positive, inclusive nature of their label, and has since fostered the development of their highly successful, community-made compilation series, create together. Today, the label offers up their newest edition of the popular compilation, with create together, vol. 4.

As usual, bitbird delivers an exceptionally diverse track list, with a combination of electronic, rock, alternative, and dnb tracks. A total of forty artists from thirteen different countries are featured over the course of the fifteen track album, each imparting their unique styles. It’s almost impossible to pick just one favorite track, but a standout moment for us has to be Raptures. & Rohho‘s “Winter,” which grabbed our attention with its captivating, glitchy drop, and soft, vocal-forward interludes.

Previous create together artist, Scro, commented:

Being part of ‘create together’ feels like I’m part of a family and movement so much bigger than myself. bitbird is all about getting creatives together and letting them shine in their most authentic ways, and this compilation is the cornerstone of that. For me, it really positioned myself as a real ‘artist’, and not just some weirdo online throwing music on Spotify. It helped lead me into a full EP release with bitbird the year after, all of which has helped me to be where I am today as a musician and artist.

You can stream create together, vol. 4 at the link below, out everywhere via bitbird. Enjoy!

bitbird – create together, vol. 4