Watch ZHU Premiere New Album During 3-Hour “Blacklizt Mohave” DJ Set

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A little over a week ago, after receiving a cryptic text message about a secret party in the desert with ZHU called Blacklizt Mojave, fans all around California scrambled to get their hands on a ticket. There was a very limited amount, only 100, and the venue remained a mystery, but the occasion was very special: ZHU was going to premiere his new album, Ringo’s Desert. Beyond that, there weren’t any other details, besides the fact that the location would be somewhere in the Mojave Desert.

It turns out the location was a private property called SkyLodge, located somewhere in Joshua Tree. ZHU decided to premiere the album in the form of a Blacklizt DJ set (his new techno alias) over the course of nearly three hours. The set took place from 2:45 AM to 5:30 AM, so it’s hard to say which tracks exactly were the ones off of Ringo’s Desert. We can say, however, that the whole set is incredible. It's clear that ZHU has definitely been indulging in a fair amount of techno recently.

Due to the location of the show, ZHU performed the DJ set as a silent disco. Fans were able to dance around where he was spinning, or go on and explore the desert around the party. The range on the headphones used for the silent disco is pretty good apparently. 

ZHU also recorded the entire set and posted it on his YouTube channel for all of us to enjoy. Check out the set below and enjoy! Stay tuned for the official drop of Ringo's Desert, which is set for this Friday, September 7.