Sudanese Rapper Blak-Ram Drops Emotional Hip-Hop Track “Trauma Waters”


It would be an understatement to say that the Sudanese revolution in 2018 has created a fire within many Sudanese at home or across the globe. As a result, Sudanese creatives have emerged from all corners of the world set on making their voices and stories heard. Sudanese-British rapper Blak-Ram is one of those creative individuals and we’re here to listen. Since 2012, the masked rapper has been releasing music that relates to the Sudanese struggle and his latest offering, “Trauma Waters” featuring Ramey Dawoud, is no exception.

A jazzy piano riff creates the main melody of the track while a raw drum kit soulfully provides the backbone. The instrumentation is all very organic and allows plenty of space for fellow Sudanese artist Ramey Dawoud to offer up impassioned bars dealing with the aftermath of the many tragedies during the Sudanese revolution, including the topic of climate change that has caused severe flooding in the region. Blak-Ram delivers an upbeat chorus that inspires hope and promises for a better future.

Stream Blak-Ram’s “Trauma Waters” featuring Ramey Dawoud below and enjoy!

Blak-Ram – Trauma Waters (feat. Ramey Dawoud)