Bleep Bloop Pushes Sonic Boundaries with Colossal New ‘Revenge’ EP


One producer from the vast realm of bass music who has continuously gotten better and better is Bleep Bloop. His productions have always challenged the norm, but over the years he’s honed his talent to a razor-sharp point. Those chops are no more evident than on his most recent EP, titled Revenge. We had a chance to premiere the first track on the project, “Deep In The Dark,” last week, but that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Revenge is seven tracks of uncontained energy. We’re always on the prowl for head-turning music, but this stuff we’ll pounce you before you even know what’s coming. The sound design, perhaps Bleep Bloop’s specialty, is of course next-level. But he takes it a step further with the wild use of samples and head-spinning arrangements. This is bass music beyond bangers.

You can stream this new behemoth of an EP from Bleep Bloop below. It’s out now everywhere via Dome of Doom. Enjoy!

Bleep Bloop – Revenge EP