Bleep Bloop & Space Jesus Display Other Worldly Sound Design On Heavy Collab “Ichabod Crane”


Bleep Bloop and Space Jesus have both made names for themselves through uncompromising sound design and intense live shows. The two bass producers are coming off EPs and now the two have come together to release a single titled “Ichabod Crane” and announced that all proceeds from the track will be donated to the ACLU.

This heater of a track hits that fragile balance between catchiness and insanity. The ominous build-up teases the track’s only vocals as the word “clique” is frequently cut off and replaced with its corresponding sound. Just after we get to hear the whole phrase, a screaming synth hits us and the main event begins. The rest of the track is a gradual evolution of styles incorporating delayed kicks, growling bass, and grinding synths for heavy percussive effect. Grab the track on Bandcamp to donate to the ACLU and enjoy!

Space Jesus & Bleep Bloop – Ichabod Crane