Blue Scholars – May Day : Refreshing Hip-Hop

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Today I've got some fresh hip-hop from Blue Scholars, the talented rapper / producer duo from Seattle. This track "May Day" has a more eerie tone then some of there laid back chilling track. Prometheus Brown really throws down some sick verses, on top of Sabzi's phenomal production. This is really an amazing track, and they decided to give it away for free. Turn it up, enjoy!

Update: This song was created after some shootings in Seattle, WA, when Prometheus of Blue Scholars was asked by the Seattle Times to write a piece on the shootings and turned it into a song. He states "It’s something that’s been happening for a long time in the south end. It’s become normalized." Check out the article and A Capella track on The Seattle Times. Thanks to Jonny Quest Jones for that update!

Blue Scholars – May Day | Direct Download

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