Blueout & ero808 Unveil Glitched Out Heat On New Collab “Embers”


We love some quality sound design here on the site. Grab your good headphones for this new track, “Embers,” by Blueout & ero808, because these lads have some serious sound to share.

Seamless synths resonate from the background in tandem with the crooning vocals for a gentle intro. But in a single heartbeat, we descend. The careful balance of the many layers and their depth stimulate your senses, tingling your spine, stealing your breath—the power of sound is a wild thing.

While we don’t know much on these up-and-comers, one thing is for sure: these guys can produce. Stream Blueout & ero808’s new single, “Embers,” below. Enjoy!

Blueout & ero808 – Embers