Bolt Seminar Deliver Cryptic Bars & Eerie Beats with “Purposely Flawed”


Dell Wells is a songwriter and lyricist, a self-proclaimed “Word Warrior.” John Sarastro is the fabled “God Child of the boom-bap beat.” Together, the two artists form the underground duo, Bolt Seminar. Their creative energies combine to form razor-sharp tracks that dissect the human condition through no-holds-barred production. Today, we share their new single, “Purposely Flawed,” off their upcoming album, Burn Notice.

This track’s sound fits perfectly in the dizzying concrete jungle of Brooklyn, New York. Deep basslines hang in the air while hazy multi-tonal synths create an almost dissociative aura in which Dell Wells delivers crisp rhymes with a laser-like focus.

While the eerie nature of this track does not initially have an invitingly cheery tone, its pull on the ear is irresistibly hypnotic. We don’t have a release date for the new album yet, but good luck pulling yourself away from this song any time soon. Stream Bolt Seminar’s new single, “Purposefully Flawed,” below. Enjoy!

Bolt Seminar – Purposely Flawed