Bon Iver Releases Chilling New Single “PDLIF,” With Benefits Going To COVID-19 Relief

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Bon Iver is back with a new single that couldn’t come at a better time. “PDLIF,” meaning “Please Don’t Live In Fear” is an emotionally moving track with strong usage of vocoded voices, slow grooves and a stirring tenor saxophone sampled from Alabaster dePlume’s “Visit Croatia”.

In a generous movement, the band is using the song to donate 100% of proceeds to COVID-19 Relief via the organization Direct Relief. The song reminds us that “There will be a better day” and that we shouldn’t live in fear. It calls for strength in a time of uncertainty and does so successfully as the song trails off leaving you with a feeling of warm optimism.

Sonically, the track utilizes a variety of styles from Justin Vernon over the years, and even features vocals from Kacy Hill and percussion from Jim-E Stack. There are influences from his time working with Kanye West and vocal manipulation reminiscent of more recent work such as in 22, A Million.

You can listen to “PDLIF” now, below. Enjoy!

Bon Iver – PDLIF