[PREMIERE] BONNIE X CLYDE Link With PURGE On Euphoric Future Bass Single “TORN”

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Today we are pleased to introduce to TSIS two talented musical duos that should be on your radar. BONNIE X CLYDE continue to make waves in the electronic music scene with their unique sound, consisting of quality production and songwriting skills from members Daniel Litman (Clyde) and Paige Lopynski (Bonnie), who also sings on their tracks.

Our other introduction today is mysterious duo PURGE who, according to their SoundCloud, are “Dark Bass Producers from Las Vegas / Orlando.” The duo shared their debut EP a little over a year ago with their most recent release making its way to San Holo’s bitbird label. Now the artists have linked up on a big new track "TORN" via Insomniac Records.

“We all deal with the feeling of being torn in some way or another. Torn is about expressing your true, raw feelings & coming to terms with them. Understanding it’s ok to need help & to not be ok all the time.” – BONNIE X CLYDE

Both duos effortlessly produce high-energy, melodic future bass complete with modulated arpeggios, bright chords, and distant leads. “TORN” showcases this full-force, with a euphoric lead-in building the tension as Bonnie’s beautiful vocals echo into the atmosphere. Tie in heavy bass and crackling percussion, and “TORN” makes for a huge release from two rising acts. Enjoy!