Bonobo Drops His Best Album to Date, ‘Fragments’


It’s been over two decades since Bonobo‘s debut album, and the years spent honing his crisp, melodic sound are paying off with each release. The more his art evolves, the more time we end up spending with his work. Today he releases his seventh studio album, Fragments, and for us, it marks the zenith of his sonic evolution.

Regardless of each track’s tempo or energy level, both Bonobo’s production and songwriting shine brightly here. The range is incredible, with soaring orchestral numbers like “Elysian,” to hard-hitting club bangers like “Otomo.” Much of the album’s vigor comes from the focus on breakbeat rhythms, giving it a bit of a ravey feel. Combined with the frequent use of vocals (both featured artists and samples), that may open the gates to all different types of listeners.

Bonobo has succeeded in creating a project that works equally on the dancefloor as it does at home or in your headphones.

You can stream the brilliant new Bonobo album below. Enjoy!

Bonobo – Fragments