Borahm Lee Releases Introspective Debut Solo Album ‘Echoic Memory’


As the producer of Break Science and keyboardist for Pretty Lights Live Band, Borahm Lee isn’t afraid to mix things up. Having toured with superstars like Kanye West, Lauryn Hill and Matisyahu, he’s been able to bring multiple styles and inspirations into his own brand of music. Today, he’s doing something that he’s never done before by releasing his very first solo album, Echoic Memory.

No one has ever questioned Borahm’s talent and musicianship. He’s played a part in the birth of electro soul and has stretched his own understanding of jazz with his numerous live outfits. Echoic Memory is a chance for us to hear a raw, emotional side of Borahm that we’ve yet to hear in full. There’s an element of introspection felt throughout the album that allows Borahm to speak through hip-hop, jazz, soul, electronica, and more. The only feature on the album comes by way of Chicago rapper, ProbCause, who lends his silky smooth rap style over an already serene production.

Here’s what Borahm had to say about the album:

“Art can be a memory, an interpretation of a recollection. Filtered through time, thought and emotion, memories can be rekindled with creative intention. And then sometimes, our past can mysteriously resurface during a creative process.
While putting together this first solo album, I chose songs I made over the last few years that left an imprint on me, some of which I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I knew there was a deeper communion between this music and my life experiences, which I understood needed to be shared so that the story could continue or find stillness.”

Stream the full project below and enjoy!

Borahm Lee – Echoic Memory