[PREMIERE] Borgore & Nick Colletti Team Up On Heavy New Single “Shrimp Creature” With Hilarious Music Video

Today, we have the great pleasure of premiering a brand new single from Borgore and Nick Colletti (yes, we’re completely serious). Borgore and Nick Colletti have teamed up for a ridiculous new track titled, “Shrimp Creature”, that comes complete with an incredible music video.
This collaboration from the dubstep heavyweight and vine superstar is unlike anything we’ve heard or seen before. The song itself is relatively short and features Nick Colletti, pitched down and softly speaking in an Australian accent over a trap inspired beat. Menacing synths and skittering percussion lead the song into a drop filled with gritty bass and hard-hitting drums.
The song is definitely a banger, but is almost difficult to focus on while watching the outrageous music video that accompanies it. The video depicts Nick Colletti dressed in Crocodile Dundee safari gear, walking around L.A. and interacting with Borgore, Spock, Ray Volpe and others dressed as wild animals, before hitting the strip club.
Check out “Shrimp Creature” and its bizarre music video below and enjoy!

Borgore feat. Nick Colletti – Shrimp Creature | Purchase