Boy Willows Delivers Alluring Indie Pop Single, “No Contest”


We have another indie pop star on the horizon. We first discovered Boy Willows a couple months back when he released “Tuff,” his first track of 2021. Last week he followed up with “No Contest,” another hazy, spacey indie pop tune that will quickly get stuck i your head.

While much of the instrumentation and production here stays spaced out in the background, Boy Willows’ vocals demand the spotlight. A sedated bass line moves the track along, but it’s really the singing and songwriting that sink their teeth into you.

If you’re a fan of the new-school pop sound that artists like Still Woozy are championing, you’ll definitely want to keep Boy Willows on your radar.

You can stream the new Boy Willows track below. Enjoy!

Boy Willows – No Contest