Listen to Branchez’s Self-Released Debut ‘222’ EP : Electronic/R&B

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Sam Kopelman (Branchez) marks what he considers to be "the beginning of a whole new chapter" of his music career with his debut EP, 222. The self-released project consists of four tracks, one of which he sings on called "IDRK."

The New York producer tells Billboard, "It was a big learning experience for me," adding that he has approximately 30 to 40 drafted original ideas simmering in the studio as part of the aftermath. Outside of his roles as a DJ and producer, Kopelman's involvement as a songwriter on 222 sparked new interests for him.

"I realized how much fun I have writing melodies. The lyrics part of things I'm still grappling with, but as far as getting into the booth and humming into the mic, or into my cell phone, or my laptop mic, I realize I have a lot of fun doing that, and I gained a lot of confidence." 

The EP kicks off with "Dreamer" feat. Santell, a chill trap record glazed with tropical keys and percussion. The project, in its entirety, is packed with samples made from scratch that gradually lend themselves to an electronic R&B soundscape over the course of the four tracks.

Stream 222 by Branchez below and let us know what you think!

h/t: Billboard