Brasstracks Share Their Highly Anticipated Debut Album, ‘Golden Ticket’

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Brasstracks have released their highly anticipated debut studio album, shimmering with jazz trumpet and horns, aptly named Golden Ticket. The album fuses contemporary jazz with hip hop and R & B, resulting in a diverse album, but one that never loses the groove.

Featuring a vast array of talented musicians and vocalists, the Brasstracks duo have put in a ton of work to make these collaborations shine.

The album opens with “Basket Case,” introducing the brass in all its glory, as the trumpeters lay down some impressive riffs on top of a groovy bassline. Followed up by some slower, soulful  songs, we get a taste of the talented artists featured on the album, like the soul-pop sibling duo Lawrence who belt out some powerful vocals on “Hold Ya.” On “Will Call,” singers Elliot Skinner and Victoria Canal are sure to pull on a few heartstrings as they beautifully serenade about waiting for a lover at the ticket office.

We’re loving how this album progresses from one vibe to another.

Making a full length album work with so many collaborators is no easy task, but Brasstracks have made a finished project that stands out and sets this duo apart as one of the premiere modern jazz outfits.

Check out the full album below. Enjoy!

Brasstracks – Golden Ticket