SICK NEW BANGER REMIX: Breaking All The Rules (Robotic Pirate Monkey Remix) – Jordan Corey

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So I'm hear today with one of the of the sickest remixes I've ever posted, and what's cool about this, is that it was made right here in Boulder. Recently I've begun working with the DJ Collective Robotic Pirate Monkey, made up of 3 pro skiers:  Hathbanger (Andrew Hathaway) , Matt Flesher, and P.E.V. (Matt Berryhill). The 3 have been making mashups, originals, remixes, and more for the past 2 years and they are finally about to release there debut album as Robotic Pirate Monkey. Oh yeah, and the album is going to be completely free, and available exclusively through Thissongissick. This first single is a BANGER remix of Jordan Corey's song 'Breaking All The Rules'. Hath said that when they showed Jordan Corey the remix, they were blown away. I personally feel like this song has the potential to be a new dance anthem. Enough talk, turn up the bass, blast it, and enjoy!

Breaking All The Rules (Robotic Pirate Monkey) – Jordan Corey | Download


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