Brendan Void Mixes Industrial and Melodic Sounds on Mesmerizing Track “Chill Out M8”


If you’re anything like us here at TSIS, you have a playlist for every possible mood and scenario. For the playlists that are designed to curate immaculate after-party vibes, the new track “Chill Out M8” from British producer Brendan Void is a must-add.

This song refuses to be confined to standard song structure. Instead, there are a few distinct parts. The hard, industrial techno at the beginning gives way to a melodic piano-filled verse. From there, he melds both sounds, adding ambient synths to give a cohesive feel to the third act of the song. Xylophone inflections also help breathe life into the music.

Here’s what Brendan Void had to say about the track:

The track and music video delves into city nightlife and the feelings that come with escapism and the electronic music scene, the visual comparison is seen as shots of an intimate/sensual setting and how that can be compared to the feeling of rave music on the dance floor. Musically I’m mixing my two worlds of the harmonic tone of film soundtracks and alternative electronic music. I also wanted to make something that could be enjoyed [sober], as well as feeling wild on the dance floor.

You can check out “Chill Out M8” by Brendan Void below. Enjoy!

Brendan Void – Chill Out M8