Listen To Brent Faiyaz’ Soulful & Uplifting New Single “Show U Off”


R&B gem Brent Faiyaz has rolled right into 2021 fresh off his 2020 album Fuck The WorldAlready having released a handful of singles across different platforms this year, one with Tyler, The Creator, Brent’s blessed us with another new song.

His smooth and soulful brand of R&B is always refreshing, and his latest single and video for “Show U Off” is no exception. It’s all about showing love and appreciation and is sure to put listeners in a positive headspace. Brent’s delicate voice flutters atop a gentle guitar melody, creating a really peaceful and mellow vibe. The production has kind of an 80’s vibe, especially when the drum beat kicks in fully, reminiscent of Phil Collins’ sound. Check out this pretty track in the stream below. Enjoy!

Brent Faiyaz – Show U Off