Bro Safari Opens Up About Substance Abuse, Mental Health Issues, & Returning to Music


Those that have been in the electronic music scene for a while should all know the name Bro Safari. His iconic tracks like “Scumbag” and “The Drop” were part of an era of EDM that many of us still long for. However, over the past few years, Bro Safari, aka Nicholas Weiller, has been uncharacteristically missing from the scene.

Earlier this week, Weiller posted a statement on Twitter that explained the reasons why we hadn’t heard from him in a while. According to him, he had reached a burnout phase with the Bro Safari project before the pandemic. Once lockdowns hit, he ended up isolating himself, retreating from friends and fans, and coping with his issues by abusing substances and alcohol.

The good news is that Weiller took it upon himself to enter therapy, and there he was able to rid himself of guilt that he “had been harboring for many reasons over the years.” Today, he is better, and he already has multiple plans on returning to music—but in new ways.

First off, he’s done with making the music that we’re familiar with when we think of Bro Safari. Although he enjoyed the project’s success, it never really was the music he wanted to make. He currently has several different projects in the works that will feature him branching out into hip-hop, experimental electronic music, and live music.

He closed the statement by saying even though he despises social media, he’ll be putting in a bit more effort to stay in touch with his fans.

We’re looking forward to hearing what these new projects from Weiller will sound like. You can read his full statement at the link below.

Where I've been and where I'm going…


— bro safari (@brosafari) August 8, 2022