Bro Safari & UFO! Continue New Album Rollout With Wild New Installment ‘Clockwork Part 2’


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a joint project from Bro Safari & UFO!, but we’re now closing in on a full release from the duo of some of the hardest bass music we’ve heard in a while. Having recently started the slow rollout of their brand new LP, today Bro Safari & UFO! have shared the second installment of their forthcoming album Clockwork.

Upon first listen to “Inaccessible”, we knew this new project would be a whole new Animal from what we’ve heard from the duo in the past (pun intended). Having already dropped three tracks off the album, today we’ve turned the bass up to 11 for the addition of two new tracks. While the first, “ET Finger” is sure to make your skin crawl with dark, skittering synths and eerie, alien-like vocals , the shrill, mind-boggling sound design on “WAMF” will have your brain doing backflips. Check out Clockwork Part 2 below and enjoy!

Bro Safari & UFO! – Clockwork