PREMIERE | Bro Safari & UFO! Team Up On Dark, Genre-Blending New Collab Track “Inaccessible”


It no secret that Bro Safari & UFO! have a long collaborative history together. Although they both respectively have brought absolute fire to the bass music world over the years, when the two get together it’s a whole new ballgame. Today, following up their recent release “N.U.M.B.” and continuing the slow unveiling of their forthcoming collab album Clockwork, we’re excited to be premiering their new track “Inaccessible”.

As the heavyweight-duo’s full album will be released in three segments over the next few weeks, this latest offering comes as part of their three-track Clockwork (Pt. 1). Although the two have teamed up on full length projects in the past such as their Animal LP, “Inaccessible” is something we definitely weren’t prepared for. Following the jungle theme established in “N.U.M.B.”, with eerie atmospheric soundscapes, booming percussion and deep pulsing bass, Bro Safari & UFO! have perfectly expanded upon their dark, ominous science fiction narrative with this heavy trap/house/moombahton hybrid. Check out “Inaccessible” below and keep an eye out for more from the duo over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Bro Safari & UFO – Inaccessible