Bro Safari & UFO! Launch New Breakbeat Project ET Finger

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From drum & bass and trap, Bro Safari and UFO! have covered a lot of ground in electronic music over the past decade and beyond. Now, the pair have decided to venture into new, more experimental territory with a new project called ET Finger.

This project is all over the map in the best way. While it has elements of drum & bass and other nebulous types of bass music, ET Finger shows Bro Safari and UFO! unleashing walloping breaks, intense melodies, and more. The sound comes off as entirely unique, which is always something we love to hear.

Earlier this year, Bro Safari opened up about substance abuse, mental health issues, and what his career would look like going forward. ET Finger certainly falls in line with the experimental music that he discussed.

You can check out the first coming from Bro Safari and UFO! as ET Finger below. You can also check it out here. Enjoy!