Hip-Hop Collective BROCKHAMPTON Share Must-Hear Album ‘SATURATION 2’


Rising hip-hop collective BROCKHAMPTON have had a crazy summer of releases, which continues today with their brand-new album SATURATION 2. The follow up to June's SATURATION brings 16 new tracks that match the high standard the four singles set" "GUMMY," "SWAMP," "JUNKY," and "SWEET."

While the first album showed the versatility and many sides to the 15-member group, this new album puts almost all the focus on their rapping and aggressive production. Song after song we get impressive verses from multiple members of the group over a wild beat. The album only stops to breathe with the song "JESUS," a short, beautiful solo track from Kevin Abstract, the leader of the group. It features a single verse and a simple piano melody under his layered auto-tune vocals, and really shows how much potential this young rising star has. It picks right back up with more heat until the stretch of the last three songs, which emphasize their singing and ability to extend to genres outside hip-hop. 

BROCKHAMPTON call themselves "the internet's first boy band," and the chemistry they have on this album backs up this silly label. It sounds like they do nothing in the house they all share besides make music, as they recorded over 200 tracks for this album and are already prepping the follow-up album SATURATION 3. Until then, we are going to have this album on repeat for the rest of the summer. Enjoy!